Choosing a Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer

Buckinghamshire wedding photographer Gregory Cusick, offers Buckinghamshire and U.K. brides the most magical wedding photography.

If you're getting married in Buckinghamshire, here are a few tips on what to look for in a wedding photographer...

Initial Consultation:

Meeting with your photographer before you book is important. You not only get to see what they can offer, but your wedding photographer can learn about your day and all of the things that matter to you. It is also an exciting part of your wedding photography experience because here you will start to imagine all of the ideas and possibilities that will make your day special.

Prices and Packages:

All photographers' prices and packages vary. While we understand price might be a factor, the main question is "do you love the images?" If the answer is "no" for the sake of saving £100-200 then what's the point of spending money on images you only think are ok? It’s important to remember that this is your wedding day, these photographs cannot be replaced and will be all you have left to remember one of the most important days of your life.

Wedding Albums:

Some photographers don’t include a wedding album in their packages which can lead to hidden costs. Ask your photographer in your consultation if their wedding packages include an album and how many pages are included.

Coverage on the Day:

Typically, you will want your wedding photographer to be with you 8-10 hours to properly document all of the important moments of your wedding day. This allows them to tell the story when putting together your wedding album. Don’t be caught out by less than adequate time offered by some photographers to cut costs. Imagine if they miss the first dance!

Post Production:

Does the photographer have good editing skills? Not just to remove the odd blemish but to give the images a style that will provide you with art you'll love to hang on your wall.


What products/services do they offer? Is there something unique they can give you that stands apart from other wedding photographers?

Gregory Cusick Photography is a wedding photographer based in Buckinghamshire, offering wedding photography in the Home Counties, London and all over the U.K.

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